Aobei Single Cultured Freshwater Pearl Choker Necklace for Women Genuine Leather Jewelry Handmade

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Brand: Aobei Pearl


  • Handmade Knotted Single White Potato Cultured Freshwater Pearls choker leather necklace with Genuine Leather cord for girls,Aobei Pearl are hand picked pearls with good luster,quality, color and cleanliness
  • 14-18 inches necklace
  • Genuine Round Leather cord(2.0 mm)
  • 9-9.5mm,11-11.5mm cultured freshwater potato shaped pearls in white color with bleached treatment,handpicked and high luster
  • Necklace is made with cultured pearl and leather cord. Aobei Pearl guarantee that all pearls used for Aobei Pearl Jewelry are 100% Genuine Cultured Freshwater Pearls.Gift Package is avaliable

Publisher: Aobei Pearl

Details: Handmade Cultured Freshwater pearls leather choker necklace on genuine leather cord,total length is approx 16 inches, customized size is welcome

(1) Design - This necklace is handmade with 2.0 mm genuine leather cord, 11-11.5 mm pearls(Natural White and Dyed peacock blue pearls),nice design for Birthday gift,Engagement,Mothers Day,Graduation,friendship jewelry,Pearls lovers

(2) Size - This necklace is 100% handmade,as for custom length,please choose the
(3) Aobei Pearls - Our pearls are Chinese Cultured Freshwater Pearls,direct from own factory, A-AAAA genuine pearls can be provided with competitive prices,Cultured pearls with lightly defect,not perfect as simulated-pearl,Every pearl has its unique beauty. Aobei Pearl Jewelry will be made with handpicked pearls.

(4) Genuine Leather - All of our pearl leather jewelry are handmade with 100% Genuine Leather.Leather is just worked animal skin,so real leather will smell like skin,natural and musty smell,if you do not like it,please keep away for several days,then it will be better.

(5) All of Aobei pearl jewelry are handmade by artisan jewelry crafters,customized design, please contact me please.

(6) Packing arrive with 1 necklace / 1 necklace set and one Aobei Pearl Poly Packing.