14K Yellow Gold 3mm Cubic Zirconia Youth Bezel Stud Earrings For Women and girls - Hypoallergenic piercings Jewelry for Sensitive Ears by Balluccitoosi

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Brand: Balluccitoosi


  • ✵The 14K Yellow 3mm Cubic Zirconia Youth Bezel Stud Earrings is a charming pair of accessory to finish off your style. It is a gorgeous golden statement lightweight piece that enhances your ensemble with a little sparkle and shine. This is flaunt-worthy and must-have for all classy women.
  • 😍We love these small stud bezel set earrings because it can be worn for many different reasons and for many different purposes. it can be both timeless and trendy, classy and edgy, in your face and subtle. It is a great way to express one's feelings, whether it's by wearing to express your inner fashionista or by giving as a present to a special someone. There are many reasons we love these earrings, and now you should too!
  • Jewelry is one of the most intimate gifts you can give to girl, is a great way to show that special someone that you love and will always be associated with the special memories that you two had.
  • Owning quality jewelry is a great investment; This is BEST VALUE EARRINGS and made of 100% 14K Yellow Gold, guaranteed to stand up to everyday use without wearing out! Yes, This is SUPERIOR QUALITY and does not look cheap or fake like others
  • 💯THERE IS NO WORRY: Plus, these earrings come with a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, so if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return within thirty days.

Publisher: California Certified Jewelers


Add a contemporary edge to your look with these stylish bezel stud earrings. 


Not only is crafting jewelry an extremely creative art form, but so is wearing it!


Are you looking for a fine piece of jewelry with a pleasing aesthetic that has a lot of meaning to you that you'll store in a safe place?


Is it a piece that you'd like to wear on special occasions, or even regularly?


Do you want a piece of jewelry that you helped personally design yourself and that you know will last forever in your jewelry collection?


This High-end jewelry made with 14k solid gold and is carefully crafted with a high attention to design and detail and most importantly reflects you.

This is Unique jewelry and denotes personality and expression, it tells a story, and it is a small way for you to display your individuality.

give yourself confidence and make your inner self-shine and click add to cart now!!!